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'Increasing Economic Competitiveness" Sectorial Operational Program
"Investing for Your Future"
Integrated IT System in the Dambovita County
Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Project Description

The Project "Integrated Information System in the Dambovita County" (SMIS Code - CSNR 5043) aims to contribute to achieving the priorities of the public administration reform in relation to de-centralization and de-concentration of public services, de-bureaucratization of administrative act by strengthening the administrative capacity of the Dambovita County Council. This contribution resulted in meeting the European standards concerning the observing of the values of transparency, predictability, responsibility, adaptability and efficiency, which they promote.

Through this Project, Dambovita County Council has implemented an integrated information system (IIS) with a view to making efficient the flow of activities and the communication with the citizens. Also, the citizens' access to electronic services, which specific to local government, has been eased.

Through this Project, Dambovita County Council has implemented the following online services:

-Transport license issuing for regular and special transport
-Urban planning certificates issuing
-Rights claiming in case of disabled people
-Online registration of petitions / complaints
-Management of reporting by the sub-ordinated institutions and local public administrations
-Program "Bread horn and milk"
-Online debate on the draft Decisions by County Council
-Forms download from the Portal
-Information of public interest

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